Tire House: Eco-friendly House

In the United States alone, 70% of scrap tires created each year is salvaged by the scrap tire industry. These scrap tires are used as fuel, road construction material, river bank construction, raw material for eco-friendly sandals, and other purposes. Where did the 30% (75 million tires) go? Well, they wind up in landfills waiting to be decomposed after hundreds of years. If the world produces 1 billion tires a year, compute how many tires would end up in landfills using the US statistical data. That would be about 300 million tires; this figure may be higher since tire recycling rate in developing countries is lower compared to developed countries like the US.

Instead of dumping old tires in landfills, why not use them as building material. Many people are unaware that tires are excellent and eco-friendly material in building homes. Interior and exterior wall can be made of stacks of tires filled with dirt. These walls can then be covered with concrete and stucco. You can find lots of old tires around so finding enough tires to build your tire house would not be a problem. You can find used tires in recycling centers near you. You can buy them at a cheap price.

If you are interested in building a tire house (also called Earthship), you can visit tirebalehouse.com. In this website you will learn the first steps and how to set up the plumbing system, bales, interior walls, roofs, windows, drain & tunnel, garage and stucco, and other things to do.

Here are some pictures of tire houses:

An unfinished Earthship

An unfinished Earthship partially made from tires

An unfinished Earthship partially made from tires

An unfinished Earthship partially made from tires

Tire bale House Project

Tire bale House Project Under Construction (Image from tirebalehouse.com)

Solar tire house

Solar tire house (Flickr pic by theentiremikey)

Inside Solar Tire House

Inside Solar Tire House (Image from Flickr by theentiremikey)

Living room of a  tire house

Living room of a tire house (Flickr/theentiremikey)

Bedroom of a tire house

Bedroom of a tire house (Flickr/theentiremikey)

Front of tire house

Front of tire house (Flickr/Image by theentireMIkey)

Bathroom of tire house

Bathroom of tire house (Image from Flickr/theentiremikey)


Earhship (Flickr/kitseeborg)

Tirehouse Living Room (Flickr/theentiremikey)

Earthship under construction

Earthship under construction (Flickr Duncan Kinney)

Earthship with family gathering

Earthship with family gathering (Flickr/Gary Thomson)

Solar Earthship

Solar Earthship (Flickr/martnpro)

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Raymund Camat blogs about green construction and his company’s eco-friendly products including remanufactured laser toner cartridges. His company TonerGreen.com has a Recycling for Cash Program in which customers can recycle empty toner and ink cartridges. Follow TonerGreen at Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Hi Raymund,

    Thanks for sharing these. I’ve been very interested in the concept of Earthships and other sustainable, energy efficient building for some time – I’d love to build one of these to live in.

    Imagine how different the world would be if our homes produced all the energy we need without drawing on external resources? It’s an inspiring thought.

    • I also want to build an Earthship someday. Hope you build your Earthship soon 🙂