The Green Cereal: Malt-O-Meal Cereal

Companies are responding well to the needs and demands of customers who are becoming environmentally conscious. We have green laser toner cartridges, eco-friendly sandals, green web hosting, solar-powered backpacks, green technology gadgets, and now earth-friendly cereals. I came across the site of Malt-O-Meal where its cereals are promoted as “less spendy”, “so tasty”, “not boxy”, and “Earth friendly”. Besides the attractive design of the site, I love this catchy green quote from the site: “We’re trying to be nice to the earth, because it’s always been pretty nice to us.” I guess I need to add this in my list of awesome green slogans. Malt-O-Meal promotes itself as earth-friendly because it uses 75% less packaging than cereal in a box. This cereal producer, claims that it has already saved trillions of BTUs of energy, tons and tons of fuel, and hundreds of millions pounds of waste since 2001. Well, these figures are pretty much impressive for a cereal maker. Cereal is the staple food of North America, Europe, and Australia. No wonder that these countries are the biggest producers of cereal boxes in the world.


Malt-O-Meal Cereals with the new packaging.

I read some interesting trivia about cereal boxes in Malt-O-Meal website and I want to share them with you. These trivia/facts opened my eyes (and hopefully your eyes) on the negative environmental impact of cereal boxes.

  1. According to ACNielsen, US produces 2.3 billion cereal boxes every year. These boxes are enough to build three great pyramids with a volume of 263,541,667 cubic feet. One great pyramid has a volume of 90 million cubic feet.

  2. 345 million pounds of paperboard is needed to make a one year supply of cereal boxes. This is equivalent to the weight of 734 747 jumbo jets. The weight of an empty 747 jumbo jet is about 470,000 pounds.

  3. Cereal box manufacturing plants need 2.4 trillion BTU’s of energy a year to make the boxes. This amount of energy is enough to power 26,000 homes.

  4. The cereal box manufacturing plants generate greenhouse gas as 50,000 cars, particle air emissions as 31,000 city buses, enough solid waste to fill 4677 garbage trucks, and enough wastewater to fill 506 Olympic swimming pools.

  5. About 1400 tons of fuel (46 tanker trucks full of fuel) is burned when the cereal boxes travel 100 miles to reach the cereal plant.

Malt-O-Meal estimated that since 2001, it saved 156 million pounds of paperboard, 1.1 trillion BTU’s of energy, and 201,112 gallons of gasoline. You can read more facts about cereal boxes in Malt-O-Meal website.

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