Free Green Android Phone Apps: Make Your Android Phone Green

If you can’t invest in green companies, build an eco-friendly tire house, afford expensive green technology gadgets or trust remanufactured laser toner cartridges. There are still other ways to go green. If you are using an iPhone, you can download these popular green iPhone apps to help you live green or if you are using an Android phone, start downloading any of the following green Android apps to help you start a green lifestyle today. (Disclaimer: most of the apps are amazingly free!)

MyRecycleList by – With this app you can find nearby recycling locations using ZIP code or GPS. You can search over 120,000 locations across the United States and parts of Canada. You can see a list of materials that can be recycled – it’s like a grocery list for recyclers. Download now while its free.



iRecycle by Earth911 Inc. – With this app, you can find nearby recycling locations and programs for more than 240 materials. You can search by ZIP code, address, or city. You can also see important information like the website, phone number, directions, hours of operation, and other information about a particular recycling center. Plus you can read the latest recycling news from Download now, it’s free!

GoodGuide by Good Guide Inc. – This app acts like a bar code reader, it reads the bar code of a particular product and will show you not its price but its science-based health, environment, and social ratings. Ratings are available for more than 120,000 food, personal care, household, baby, kids, and pet products. This app is also free so download now!

Carbon Meter by ViralMesh – This is your “stop global warming app” as it tracks and logs the amount of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) that you saved when you do eco-friendly activities like running, walking, biking, turning off lights, using recycled toners and inks, etc. The higher level of carbon dioxide you saved, the more value coupons from sponsors you get. You are rewarded by being eco-friendly. Join thousands who already downloaded this app free.

Dirty Dozen by Environmental Working Group – Stop pesticide residues from getting in your system with the help of this app. Dirty Dozen helps you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and recommends organic foods for you. Take note however that eating conventionally-grown produce outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure. Fruits and vegetables are good to the body but it is much better if they are pesticide free. This app is free so download now!

Eco Buzz Widget by – Hungry with green news? Download this free app now and let green news from around the world delivered to your android phone unobtrusively. Read the latest news on global warming, climate change, organic farming, green gadgets, hybrid cars, forest fires, wild life and the like.

Green Driving Gauge by Neato Code – This app is a must have for drivers. It measures your driving (acceleration, speed, breaking, etc.) and provide feedback to help you become the most fuel efficient driver possible. Neato Code gives you this app for free so download now!

Other Green Apps to Download

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Raymund Camat is a self-professed environmental blogger. He works at, leading retailer of green compatible Konica Minolta laser toner cartridges and Kodak inkjet cartridges. Follow ColorTonerExpert at Facebook and Twitter.

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