Easy Tips on Going Eco-Friendly with HP LaserJet Pro 300

HP LaserJet Pro 300LaserJet Pro 300 Series is a set of laser printers manufactured by Hewlett Packard which includes Color LaserJet 300 MFP M375, Color LaserJet 300 MFP M351 and Color LaserJet 300 M351a. These laser printers are manufactured to deliver all the printing needs and demands of small to medium-sized businesses and group to increase productivity. Since this series is mostly popular in any working environment, SimpleWays2GoGreen will introduce easy tips on how you can go eco-friendly with your HP LaserJet Pro 300 printer.

By doing the steps or tips below, you can contribute in reducing the carbon footprint emission you’re printing emits every time you used it in printing your documents.

  • Turn on HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology – this is a setting or feature that usually comes with HP laser printers and multifunction laser printers and is used to reduce the amount of energy you’re printer needs. Such function will automatically turn off the printer when it is not used for a definite amount of time or will automatically turn on the machine once you’re about to use it.
  • Eco-Mode Setting – this setting once enable by the user will instruct the printer to use the minimum amount of toner powder when printing its documents thus extending the life of your HP 305A toners installed in the machine and will save you money. It will also reduce the amount of empty cartridges that ends up in our landfills.
  • Using Remanufactured Toner Cartridges – using remanufactured HP 305A toner cartridges is one of the best way to save money and also contribute in reducing the amount of toner cartridges that is left empty in landfills which takes years of decompose. Furthermore, HP 305A toners are professionally refurbished and refilled with high quality toner powder to makes sure they can deliver high quality printouts and page yield on par with OEM HP toners.
  • Be a Part of a Recycling Program – still have those empty toner cartridges in your attic and don’t know what to do with them? You can bring them to shops or stores that accept empty cartridges for recycling or remanufacturing processes. You don’t only help the environment, you can also receive points and discounts from these stores that you can use when buying you’re next set of HP LaserJet Pro 300 toner cartridges.
  • Using Recycled Papers – why need to buy new papers when you can try using recycled paper in printing your documents? It’s just the same. The pro though is that you help saving trees from being cut down for the manufacturing of papers.
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