Benefits of Solar Drying Clothes

I grew up in a small rural town in the Philippines where solar drying of clothes is the norm. Although clothes dryer machines are already available at that time, many local folks including myself never saw or used such machines. My family has a 15 years old washing machine but it has no dryer. We only use it to wash our clothes; we use clothesline and the sun’s energy to dry our clothes. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, expect an abundance of solar energy. Solar heat is not only useful in drying our clothes but it is also useful in drying rice, corn, beans, seeds, fish, wood, livestock food, and other things. Using solar heat to dry clothes has a lot of benefits including the following:



Save Electricity

 Solar heat is a free energy. As long as the sun is there you can dry your clothes without spending a dime. According to PlanetGreen, you can reduce your household energy cost by 5% if you use clotheslines in drying your clothes. Machine dryers account for 5% of residential energy consumption. With a one-time purchase of rope or copper wire for the clotheslines, you can save hundreds of dollars a year in energy cost. Why not use clotheslines when sunny and use the machine when rainy. In this way, you’ll see a decrease in your electric bill.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

You may have heard already that carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. A dryer machine has a carbon footprint when used. The power plant the generate electricity for your machine releases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A typical home clothes dryer has a carbon footprint of about 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide per load. No carbon dioxide is released with solar drying of clothes so it is environment friendly.

Sanitize Clothes

The sun’s heat is a natural sterilizer for clothes. It has UV radiation that kills harmful microorganisms including bacteria. This gives additional protection for your family against infection.

Make Clothes Last Longer

Solar drying will make your clothes last longer because they are not subjected to rough tumbling actions and high electric dryer temperatures. Electric dryers make clothes wear out easily. Blame the dryer why the elastic in your socks and underwear disappear fast. Solar drying is no doubt gentler to clothes.

Fire Prevention

If poorly maintained, electric dryers can cause fires, accounting to 17,700 structure fires, 360 injuries, and 15 deaths a year. Solar drying of clothes does not cause fire.

Health Benefits

Setting up the clotheslines and hanging the clothes would be a great exercise for you. You will burn those extra fats and make yourself more flexible. Let yourself perspire to release the toxins out of your skin.


Solar drying of clothes may be ancient, but its amazing benefits could not be doubted. Drying clothes using the sun’s energy is a great thing to do as we fight global warming and high energy cost. Solar drying is a simple way to go green!

About the Author

Raymund Camat misses how his mother dry his clothes using solar heat. He is now in the city, far from his mom. He works at, where he promotes green compatible laser toner cartridges such as Samsung laser  toner cartridges and Okidata laser toner cartridges. Follow TonerBoss at FaceBook and Twitter!

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